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La Gloria
In the days following her suicide attempt, a queer lovelorn teen finds connection and solace with her Abuela through the secret language of dreams.

Special Jury Mention - Palm Springs international Short Fest 2020
HBO Ibero-American Short Film Award Finalist - Miami Film Fest 2020

Miami Film Festival 2020
Outfest Fusion Film FEstival 2020 
Manchester Film Festival 2020
Palm Springs International Short Fest 2020 
Project Involve Showcase 2020
Vail Film Festival 2020
Maryland Film Festival 2020
Outfest United By Pride 2020
Bentonville Film Festival 2020
Outfest Los Angeles Film Festival 2020

"La Gloria rounds out this list of must-see shorts. The film shuns stereotypical portrayals of the elderly and leaves room for cross-generational bonding." - Miami New Times

Directed by Mary Evangelista
Cinematography by Lorena Duran
Written by Stephanie Adam-Santos
Starring Cris Gris, Michelle Badillo Alma Adams
Produced by Gia Rigola, Adanne Ebo, Apoorva Charan

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