Made a music video for Conor Oberst.

Longing for his father, a young boy prepares to embark a journey of self-discovery leaving behind what he loves the most, mom.

"Conor Oberst is the king of sad music, so it comes as no surprise to see that his video for “Barbary Coast (Later)” is a tear-jerking mess. It follows a group of kids around as they search for a treasure and embark on adventures together. The video focuses on one of the kids in the group as he watches his single mom ignore him every day for attention from other people. As we watch the kid constantly getting let down by his mother, we root for him as he makes his escape into a journey attempting to reconnect with his father. Sad, imaginative and beautifully filmed, “Barbary Coast (Later)” comes straight off Oberst’s latest record, Salutations." Mass Appeal

"Conor Oberst's video for 'Barbary Coast (Later)' will pull on your heartstrings." Baeble Music

"The music video for Conor Oberst’s Salutations cut “Barbary Coast (Later)” evokes the same wistful childhood that films such as Moonrise Kingdom or Boyhood have idealized. The video tells the story of a boy whose father had left, and the boy’s ensuing journey of self-discovery." Paste Magazine

"Conor Oberst shares heartwarming new video" Consequence of Sound

"Conor Oberst‘s music is full of heartfelt, authentic emotion, so it’s no surprise that his videos follow suit. Recently releasing a touching video for his song “Barbary Coast (Later),” the short-film style video is a perfect match for the wistful folk tune; taking viewers back to the easier, carefree time of childhood." The Key

Groovy Chaos
Written & Directed by Cris Gris
Produced by Carolina Tamez Rodriguez, Cris Gris
Director of photography Sheldon Chau
Production Design Justin Heller
1st AC Veronica Alvarez
Editor Adam Boese
VFX artist Greg Cheng

Diego Salazar
Andersen Esson
Paxton Singleton
Lydia Lopez
Emilio Salazar